Originating from Baff.lu, B:loft aims to foster cycling culture in Luxembourg by organising cycling events: Bicycle Film Night, Adventurous Cycling Slideshow, b:tours and short rides.

Bicycle Film Night

Come and discover thought-provoking, eye-opening and quality movies where the bicycle is shown as something more than a two-wheeled means of transport.

After-work rides

Social rides after work to green and tranquil places a stone’s throw away from the city of Luxembourg to reconnect with nature and shake off daily life stress.

Slideshow Night

First-hand stories, illustrated with photos, told by individuals who embarked on an unusual travel by bicycle.

Bicycle repair café

Small bicycle repairs and advice on the spot, provided for free by bike mechanics collaborating with B:loft.

Micro adventures by bicycle

“Microadventures offer a realistic escape to wilderness, simplicity and the great outdoors, without the need to ski to the South Pole”, A. Humphreys

Cycling blog

We like to discuss ideas and look into cycling culture in Luxembourg and abroad.

A developed country is not a place where the poor drive cars. It is where the rich use public transportation.

– Gustavo Pedro, former Mayor of Bogotá