B stands for a simple, yet very ingenious invention: bicycle. Loft means ‘air’ in Luxembourgish. Perhaps that’s not the first notion that comes to your mind when thinking of what cycling means to you. To us, Bicycle:Air link is strong and organic.

Deep breaths whilst riding up the hill.  Gulping for air whilst arriving on the top. Mouthful of air whilst coasting downhill. The air is essential to us. Being zero-emission, the bicycle helps preserve the clean air so that we can enjoy it longer.

B:loft asbl is about celebrating the bicycle which for us stands for fun, a sustainable means of transport, green lifestyle, a way to discover the world and a source of inspiration. We wish to foster cycling culture in Luxembourg. Apart from bringing together bicycle users, we also aspire to introduce non-cyclists to the local biking community.

B:loft program is diverse and offers indoor events and outdoor activities. The Bicycle Film Night, organised annually in collaboration with Rotondes, features the best bicycle movies finely selected according to the criteria such as: great storytelling, inspiring, thought-provoking, outstanding visuals. Next, the Adventurous Cycling Slideshow is an event where our guest speakers tell stories about their epic cycling adventures, illustrated with photos and video clips.

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and [B:loft]. – George Sand


Gosia Lawer: Originally from Poland. An avid bicycle commuter. A mountain lover. A budding trail runner. Car-free. To her, cycling means independence, respect for nature.

Tristan Schmurr: Originally from Alsace where cycling is a normal everyday activity, he works in IT infrastructure security and loves commuting and touring with his bike and camera.

Francesco Portoso: Computer engineer & personal development enthusiast. Grew up in Italy with parents who favored bikes for short trips. Realized later that’s one the most human-friendly, efficient and effective means of transportation.

B:Loft Collaborators

Karolina Stefaniak



A long time runner, she fell in love with cycling when she bought her vintage racing bike. Now she cycles to her running workouts and runs to discover new bike trails. And in between she bakes cakes for B:loft and dreams about running her own cafe


Website: https://sleeplessinkirchberg.wordpress.com

Lugdivine Unfer



Passionate about photography, Lugdivine Unfer accompanies B:Loft with her camera  capturing vivid and unforgettable moments. Her major pursuit is photo shooting at concerts in Luxembourg and outside. She collaborates closely with the Grund Club asbl.

Website: https://lunvision-blog.com

Kay Witts




Cycling is good. Ok. But what is happening if your bike ain’t fine? Kay helps  you understand your bike…

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bike.rides.lux/