Upcoming events

Uphills & Downhills + 3 castles, 16 September 2018

Bicycle Film Night, 7 November 2018

Past events

After work ride: LIGHT PAINTING - Hesper Park, 7 August, start at 21h00

Evening ride: Lunar Eclipse, 27 July, start at 21h00

Moon rise and star trail

After-work ride - Fields of Gold ...soon

MakeKolerKooler - Alain Welter's Vernissage, July 15th, start at 12h00

After-work ride: Pulvermuhle, June 21st, start at 19h00

B:tour to Maison Néolithique June 10th, start at 11AM

After-work ride: Ënnesch Bësch May 25th, start at 7PM

After-work ride: Decken Fiels 3 May 2018, start at 6:30 PM

Slideshow Night with Yannis Bastian, 17 March 2018, Rotondes

B:ride "MakeKolerKooler", 12 November 2017

B:Tour Autumn and Castles, 22 October 2017

Photo Award Ceremony & B:Ride, 7PM on September 22nd, outside (!) Rotondes, next to GiveBox

B:loft photo contest, 9 September 2017 (extended deadline)

Alles op de Vëlo - 16 July 2017

B:tour to Roman empire, 25 May 2017

Slideshow with Stephen Fabes, 18 March 2017, Rotondes

B:loft Film Night, 27 April 2017