On Sunday 22nd of October 2017 at 11:00 am, B:Loft is delighted to take you on a cycling tour to see some castles, enjoy autumn colours and learn a bit of local history.

Meeting point at 11:00 am: departure from Pirate Ship in the city park, at the intersection between Boulevard du Prince Henri and Avenue Monterey (look for the ice cream stand which might be closed). Please be there on time – if you’d like to join us on the way please comment on one of the social network links below at least 12 hours before starting time.

Route: Luxembourg – Koerich – Villa Romaine Goeblange – Septfontaines – Ansembourg – Mersch – Lintgen – (optional stops: Maison Neolithique Blaschette – Temple Romain Steinsel, Villa Romaine Helmsange) – Luxembourg. Length: 69 km with the optional stops and 63 km without.

Description: We’ll be heading West from Luxembourg City following PC 1, PC 13, PC 14 and a local cycling route to Windhof. In Windhof we’ll follow Route d’Arlon (or go on a track parallel to it) for about 700m and then another quiet restricted road leading to Koerich for a quick view of the Castle. After a short climb to Goeblange, we’ll head on CR 189 for a brief stop at Villa Romaine and ride down to Septfontaines and join the Äischdall (Valley of the Seven Castle) where we’ll follow the quiet, flat and scenic CR 105 road to Mersch. Once in Mersch, we’ll ride on PC 15 (Piste cyclable de l’Alzette) to Lintgen. Once in Lintgen, there will be a fork of the group into the following options:

  • stop here and catch the bus back to the city (the train line will be out of service this weekend due to rail work. As for buses, there’s a limited space for bike transport).
  • follow PC 15 back to Luxembourg city, which is the standard cycling way, and described as shorter way in the map. This shorter option is 63 km long.
  • try a climbing challenge and ride up to Blaschette on a car restricted road, visit the Maison Néolithique, a gem hidden in the forest. Then ride down to Lorentzweiler and go back to PC 15 to Steinsel where we’ll head up to the Roman Temple (steep but short climb), return back to PC 15 and an enjoy an easy visit to Villa Romaine in Helsmange and cycle back to the city where we started the ride (Note that if we are too late, we might have to skip one of the highlights). This longer option is 69 km long.

Map: long way with the optional stops or shorter way without the optional stops. Possibility to catch the bus for the way back.

What to take: Suitable clothes for the weather (have an extra layer or two in case you get too cold), water, snacks and optionally a camera.

Fitness level: no major climb for the ride following the shorter way. Two challenging climbs for the long way. The group speed will be adjustable to the speed of the slowest member of the group. If you believe the group is too slow or too fast during the tour signal it to the person leading or closing the group.

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Social events: the events are going to be available on Facebook, Meetup – registration is not mandatory but it will give us an idea of the number of participants.

Disclaimer: Ride at your own responsibility.