Bicycle Film Night, 27 April 2017

On April 27th, bicycle users, film lovers and adventure seekers are invited to Rotondes for B:loft Film Night​, the only such an event dedicated to bicycle films in Luxembourg.

The event will kick off with ​Photo Contest Award Ceremony​. This year’s subject is “All-weather cyclist” (deadline for submissions: April 22nd). The jury, including professional photographers, will read out its verdict and present the winners with awards. The winning photos will be displayed at Rotondes.

Bicycle Films

Next, the public will be treated to the finest selection of short bicycle films from around the globe: Uganda, Sweden, Lebanon, UK, Norway, Germany and USA. The film line-up is developed based on guiding principles: inspiring, eye-opening, visually stunning, great storytelling. The bicycle is just an excuse to talk about us and about achieving our dreams, about our emotional and mental journeys, how to create a better human-friendly environment or how to overcome hardship. The programme features, among others, “Cycologic” (​dir. Emilia Stålhammar, Elsa Lövdin and Veronica Pålsson, Sweden)​ and “Length of Sweden” (​dir. ERTZUI FILM, Germany​).

The first movie tells ​the compelling ​story about Amanda Ngabirano, urban planner, who is a persistent and persuasive advocate for the implementation of bike lanes in in Uganda’s Capital, Kampala. The film won the 11th the International Cycling Film Festival ​in Herne, Germany, the equivalent of the Oscar for bicycle related films.

​“Length of Sweden” ​captures the journey of three endurance cyclists as they pursue one of the world’s longest and most beautiful randonées. The team endured 2,177k as they traversed the entire length of Sweden in seven days. Standing out with stunning photography, this movie also follows a mental and emotional journey of the main characters.


Film line-up:

Cycologic |’15| dir. Emilia Stålhammar, Elsa Lövdin and Veronica Pålsson, Sweden

Mama Agatha |’16| dir. Fadi Hindash, Netherlands

SwitchMed – Cycling Circle|’5 | dir. Jean-Marc Joseph, Lebanon/Spain

Go Riding |’4 | dir. Fernando Bagioni, Brasil

Pedal to Peaks 2 Norway|’8 | dir. Brody Leven, USA

Length of Sweden|’25| dir. ERTZUI FILM, Germany

Dream Ride|’6 | dir. Ryan Gibb, USA


Join us for the second edition of guided B:Night Ride and enjoy Luxembourg-City from “down under” by night! See Pont Adolphe from below and experience one of Luxembourg-City’s new hotspots for urban life – the skatepark in the Petrusse Valley. This will be a short and easy (ca. 4km), non-sportive urban bike ride suitable for everyone. We will cycle on bike paths or calm roads.

Please make sure to bring a bike with lights and good brakes + clothes that suit the weather – rain or shine we will bike on. The experience will start Thursday 27 April 2017 after the B:loft Bicycle Film Night, around 21h at Rotondes.

Disclaimer: Ride at your own responsibility.


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