Hesper Park – Light Painting

Inspired by a spontaneous light painting during the remarkable eclipse ride (see cover photo by Tristan Schmurr, with Vincenzo Turi as a painter), we wish to invite you to a short light painting session in a pleasant green setting of Hesper Park. Light painting requires a slow shutter speed and a source of light (a simple flashlight will do). We will bring one set of equipment plus a spare tripod to share with you. Mind that we are no Picasso, but we will be delighted to create light paintings with you.

DEPARTURE: 7th August (Tuesday) at 21h00 from PIRATE SHIP in the city park, next to the intersection between Boulevard du Prince Henri and Avenue Monterey. Please be there on time.

ROUTE: We will be following PC 1 to Hesperange.

We will cycle down to Petrusse Valley (steep downhill) to Grunt. Next, we’ll be heading towards Pulvermühle, on the asphalt (car-free) road along the Alzette River and continue till we reach Hesper Park where we will stop for a light painting session.

LENGTH: about 45 min. to reach the destination (10 km).

TYPE OF BICYCLE: any bike with good brakes and lights.

RECOMMENDED STUFF: enough water to stay hydrated.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: camera with a long exposure function, tripod, flashlight.

NOT ALLOWED: candles, matches, fireworks.



DISCLAIMER: Ride at your own responsibility.