B:Loft is inviting you for a bicycle ride to a village of Kahler to see an ongoing urban art project MakeKolerKooler and meet Alain Welter, young local artist behind this unusual project.


The goal is to bring colourful street art to the surroundings by painting many house facades, barns and bridges. Because the art can be found in the streets of Kahler, it is easily and freely accessible to everybody. Alain Welter started the project in early 2017 after finishing his studies of Illustration-Design in Berlin. At this time the project is in its first stages and will grow bit by bit.*


Alain Welter is an illustrator and mural artist from Luxembourg. His works vary from magazine illustrations to large murals. After his three years of illustration studies at the BTK in Berlin he is now working on his personal project “Make Koler Kooler” by turning his hometown Koler into a constantly growing Urban Art Museum.*

*Source: www.makekolerkooler.com

DEPARTURE: at 11 AM from Pirate Ship in the city park, at the intersection between Boulevard du Prince Henri and Avenue Monterey. Please be there on time.

ROUTE: We will follow PC 13, along the fields and pastures, close to the woods, most of the route is away from cars. Total distance: around 40km.

WHAT TO TAKE: Suitable clothes for the weather (warm gloves and shoes, waterproof apparel), water, snacks and optionally a camera.

FITNESS LEVEL: one challenging climb just after Kahler. We will wait for everyone. Our guides will look after the group.

GPS details: GPS file

More info on route: B:loft website

Photos by Tristan Schmurr

Disclaimer: Ride at your own responsibility.