Hesper Park
B:Loft is inviting you for a picnic bicycle ride to Hesper Park and forget Monday blues.

DEPARTURE: on Monday June 3, 2018 at 6:30 PM from Pirate Ship in the city park, at the intersection between Boulevard du Prince Henri and Avenue Monterey. Look for people with bicycles gathered near the ship. Please be there on time.

ROUTE: We will follow the National Cycling Path PC 1 from Grund to Hesperange (Piste cyclable de l’Alzette) where we’ll stop at Hesper Park for a picnic break. Depending on the time, we will either cycle back or continue our trip back to town via Cessange.

SURFACE: All ways are paved

WEATHER: Although there’s no such thing as bad weather for cycling, we will postpone the picnic in case of rainy or stormy weather.

WHAT TO TAKE: Suitable clothes for the weather, water, lights, food for the picnic and optionally a camera. A petrol station sells all types of groceries next to the park.

FITNESS LEVEL: Suitable for all levels.

GPS details: https://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=gjmxxsxohrtqxomd The route is indicative and may be adjusted for any reason.

Disclaimer: Ride at your own responsibility.