As you might guess, we cycle a lot. To explore, to have fun, to keep fit, sometimes to push the limits:). We wish to share with you our rides.

B:rides is designed to be a catalogue of rides (gps maps, topography details, photos) in Luxembourg and neighboring countries.

Ride 01: Kahler loop from Cimetière de Merl (PC 1)

For whom?

Graffiti lovers – in Koler, you can find a great collection of murals created by local artist Alain Welter. After his three years of illustration studies at the BTK in Berlin, Alain is now working on his personal project „Make Koler Kooler“ by turning his hometown Koler into a constantly growing Urban Art Museum.

Nature lovers – This ride takes you to the countryside, along the fields and pastures, close to the woods, away from cars.

Climbers – a nice and rewarding climb after Kahler.


  • Distance: 35 km
  • Total climb: 348 m
  • GPS details:


Photos by Tristan Schmurr

Ride 02: Maison Néolithique - a gem hidden in the woods (Blaschette-Lorentzweiler)

This is a special place and we love cycling there. To get to Maison Néolithique, you really need the insider’s tips, otherwise you will be meandering and wandering about. I first rode there in March, guided by my friend (and insider) Pawel Lewandowski. It was early in the morning. I remember a crispy air, the strong beams of sunlight penetrating the woods. Eerie. Wonderful. The circle of stones immediately brought to my mind the pictures of Stonehenge in England and the legends of Druids. This place provokes questions “What is that?”. It also offers unusual serenity and charm.

So what is it?

As we learn from the Musée national d’histoire et d’art website, this is the reconstruction of a settlement from the neolithic era when “man went from being a nomadic hunter/gatherer to that of sedentary breeder/farmer”. The museum organises workshop for students, e.g. on our ancestors’ diet:)


  • Distance: 15 km (from Pfaffenthal lift)
  • Total climb: 300 m

Overall, an easy trip with only one serious climb.



  • Due to cycling partially on forest paths and having to cope with a climb, fixies/singlespeed/race road bikes are rather not recommended.
  • Going there at dawn or dusk can offer an unforgettable experience.
  • A great place for a picnic, so don’t forget to take snacks with you.


We are presenting two options which you might further modify to suit you better. There are a few moments where you need to pay attention.

Option 1:

How Tristan got there (click here for Strava details)

Option 2:

How Gosia got there, starting at Pfaffenthal lift:

When you exit the Pfaffenthal lift, turn left and follow Piste Cyclable 1. Cycle across the park, then you’ll see the gate leading to the Russian Embassy on your right. Continue on Rue Henri Dunant. Until…

…you reach this pedestrian crossing. Cycle ahead (don’t turn left along PC1) and from now on follow Piste Cyclable 15.

Keep cycling along PC15 until you notice a railway crossing in Bofferdange. Don’t turn left (where PC15 continues). Cycle across this railway crossing into Rue Théodore Pescatore.

After traffic lights, turn left to join the main road Route de Luxembourg, a few meters later turn right into Rue de Helmdange.

Here starts an exciting climb. You might need a granny gear:) Sweat on until you reach a junction. There turn left.

Now you enter the woods and hit a beautiful gravel-sand path.

Continue until you arrive at the parking space. Cross it and then turn right to join road CR 122. Be careful and watch out fast traffic!

Once you pass the white building, turn left into a forest path. Continue cycling up until you see corn fields and an asphalt road. There turn right to cross the main road and enter the woods.

You are only a few meters away. Here a mystery is revealed! You can finally see the signpost of Maison Néolithique:). Turn left.


You’ve reached your destination! Relax and soak up the atmosphere.


Text: Gosia

Photos: Tristan, Gosia, Pawel.

Ride 03: Hesper Park - escape from the city within the city




  • Distance: 10.3 km (from Place de Constitution)
  • Total climb: 170 m


Route overview