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Dandy horses displayed in Technoseum, Mannheim.
Laufmaschine, 1817/1818, 24.5 kg. Reproduction in line with the original model.
Draisine, Velociped und deren Erfinder Freiherr Carl von Drais aus Karlsruhe (Baden), Ernst Noetling, Mannheim, 1884.
Dandy horse, 1820, 19.5 kg. It was sold to the Dutch royalty. The steering rod, armrest and seat are adjustable.
Dandy horse for kids, 1830-1840, 12 kg. A customised tricycle inspired by Drais' design.
Dandy horse (Laufmaschine)
Dandy horse, a saddle or well, a seat.
The Epping hunt or hobbies in an uproar, 1819.
Penny-farthing "Eagle" (USA), 1889, 24 kg. Reversed position of the small and big wheels to reduce the risk of falling.
Tricycle, 1883. An alternative to a penny-farthing, welcome by female bike enthusiasts.
Tricycle "The Premier", 1883, England. 44.5 kg.
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A bicycle with a pedal crank, Germany, 1868, 41 kg.
Penny-farthing (left) and ROVER (right)
Safety bicycle ROVER III, dated 1888, 22.5 kg. A spoon brake in front, a cane on the right to chase off stray dogs.
Bicycle oil lamp
In 1887, John Boyd Dunlop developed the first practical pneumatic or inflatable tyre for his son's tricycle.
Ad poster, around 1890
"Hirondelle", France, 1890, 22.5 kg. A fancy twisted handlebar and a half-moon frame make it a design bicycle.
"Old Hickory" (USA), 1896, 13.5 kg. The frame, rims and steer handles were made of North-American wood hickory.
A war-time bicycle. Shortage of rubber forced bicycle users to look for other resources.
Turbo bicycles:))
Kids, youngsters and mothers - a target group in the 60s.
Recumbent bicycle "J-Rad" by Paul Jaray, Stuttgart, 1921-23, 23.9 kg
"Bonanzarad", 1970, 18kg,
Technoseum, Mannheim.
IMG 20170617 115300 Dandy Horses Displayed In Technoseum, Mannheim. Laufmaschine, 1817/1818, 24.5 Kg. Reproduction In Line With The Original Model. Draisine, Velociped Und Deren Erfinder Freiherr Carl Von Drais Aus Karlsruhe (Baden), Ernst Noetling, Mannheim, 1884. Dandy Horse, 1820, 19.5 Kg.  It Was Sold To The Dutch Royalty. The Steering Rod, Armrest And Seat Are Adjustable. Dandy Horse For Kids, 1830-1840, 12 Kg. A Customised Tricycle Inspired By Drais' Design. Dandy Horse (Laufmaschine) Dandy Horse, A Saddle Or Well, A Seat. The Epping Hunt Or Hobbies In An Uproar, 1819. Penny-farthing "Eagle" (USA), 1889, 24 Kg. Reversed Position Of The Small And Big Wheels To Reduce The Risk Of Falling. Tricycle, 1883. An Alternative To A Penny-farthing, Welcome By Female Bike Enthusiasts. Tricycle "The Premier", 1883, England. 44.5 Kg. A Bicycle With A Pedal Crank, Germany, 1868, 41 Kg. Penny-farthing (left) And ROVER (right) Safety Bicycle ROVER III, Dated 1888, 22.5 Kg. A Spoon Brake In Front, A Cane On The Right To Chase Off Stray Dogs. Bicycle Oil Lamp In 1887, John Boyd Dunlop Developed The First Practical Pneumatic Or Inflatable Tyre For His Son's Tricycle. Ad Poster, Around 1890 "Hirondelle", France, 1890, 22.5 Kg. A Fancy Twisted Handlebar And A Half-moon Frame Make It A Design Bicycle. "Hirondelle" "Old Hickory" (USA), 1896, 13.5 Kg. The Frame, Rims And Steer Handles Were Made Of North-American Wood Hickory. A War-time Bicycle. Shortage Of Rubber Forced Bicycle Users To Look For Other Resources. Turbo Bicycles:)) Kids, Youngsters And Mothers - A Target Group In The 60s. IMG 20170617 104203 Recumbent Bicycle "J-Rad" By Paul Jaray, Stuttgart, 1921-23, 23.9 Kg "Bonanzarad", 1970, 18kg, Copenhagen Technoseum, Mannheim.

‘2 wheels – 200 years’ Exhibition in Technoseum, Mannheim

200 years ago This year marks the 200th anniversary of the bicycle. ‘Only 200 years’, some of you might remark with astonishment. The wheel was invented already in the Neolithic age (10 200 BC)! Once invented, in Mannheim (Germany) by…